Ivan Voinov

Ivan Voinov (b. 1995) has been into music for all of his life – even in the womb, as a fetus, Ivan would enjoy listening to Beethoven and Mozart through a pair of headphones that his gracious mother, Helena Voinov, would place on her round belly. Since the age of seven, he would always drive his music teachers up the wall, because Ivan never liked playing pieces written by someone else – instead preferring to improvise pieces of his own. But, thankfully, Helena Voinov would force Ivan to learn piano and theory so he could improvise – and a few years later – write pieces that were actually worth listening to.

In seventh grade, Ivan got his first computer, where he discovered Garageband, a program which changed his life – since writing music down with a computer makes things just so much more interesting.
Now, Ivan composes music in his studio in Colchester, Vermont, and is applying to the Peabody School of Music in Baltimore.
He is grateful to his teachers, Paul Orgel and Erik Nielsen and to Music-COMP for supporting his work.